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Warranty and Maintenance Service Policy

In order to ensure the excellent quality of the products, the factory must undergo strict quality inspection. The Company hereby assures the users that the products listed in the warranty are in good condition and the parts are complete and provide free warranty service. The terms of use are as follows:

  1.  Warranty period counted from the day of purchase. During the warranty period, if the mechanical parts such as damage or failure, the company’s technical staff confirmed that the machine is a normal use of failure, we will provide free repair. (Please note: different brands, warranty period may be different. Please pay attention to the purchase of the brand.)
  2. In the following circumstances, the warranty will be no longer effective:
    1. Product has been mistaken for improper use or accident due to natural disasters and other accidents;
    2. The product was repaired or modified by technicians other than the company’s ones;
    3. The product is not assembled according to the Instruction Manual provided by the Company
  3. The warranty does not include product accessories and other items.
  4. Please keep this warranty card. For the repairing , customers present this card and the “official purchase receipt” to the company’s technician for inspection.
  5. When Customers request repair, they should bring the “official purchase receipts” and the goods to be repaired to the Company’s maintenance department.
  6. Repair requests about 10 working days. After repair, our dedicated staff will call customers to pick up.
  7. Parts are consumable are NOT under warranty. Definition of Parts: attachments to the fuselage or ancillary tools such as: buttons on the fuselarge, blades of the fan, rice pot; Jar of blender; inner pot of cooker, steamer, glass cover; vacuum suction pipe, iron plate and so on ….
  8. This product is for home use only. Any commercial operation and use is NOT under warranty responsibility.

* Note: Please KEEP the “official purchase receipt”. If customers fail to produce the “official purchase receipt”, warranty will be INVALID.

Warranty for different brands:

  • 25 months: NOVEL/ NOVELTI/ Loyola/ deer
  • 3-year: Yamato

20/F, Yip Shing lnd,Centre, No.19 Yip Shing Street, Kwai Chung
Tel :(852) 2487 1500 Fax :(852) 2421 7898

How to get there?

    1. By MTR
      1. Get off at  Kwai Hing MTR Station (about 10 minutes walk)
      2. From Exit E, walk directly to the dedicated covered footbridge to KCC (Kowloon Commerce Center)
      3. Walk across Tai Lin Pai Road; go up to the top of stairs behind an Electric Sub-station opposite to KCC.
      4. Or from Exit A / B, go to Tai Lin Pai Road. At Tai Lin Pai Road, walk to the direction of Playground and you will arrive a stair behind Electric sub-station. Then, go up to the top of stairs.
    2. By Bus (get off at Yip Shing St Bus-stop) in Castle Peak Road. Walk down in 3 minutes from Footbridge junction. Bus Routes:
      1. 38 (from Ping Tin to Kwai Shing East)
      2. 31B (from Olympic Station to Shek Lei)
      3. 32 (from Olympic Station to Shek Wai Kok)
      4. 35A (from Tsim Sha Tsui East to On Yam)
      5. 36B (from Jordan to Lei Muk Shue)
      6. 42C (from Lam Tin to Tsing Yi (Cheung Hang)).

Working Hours:

Mon to Fri : 9:00 am – 1:00 pm / 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Saturday : 9:00 am – 1:00 pm / 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Sunday & Public Holiday : Closed